Red Wine – Dry PGI Zakynthos

Produced from Augoustiatis and Cab.Sauvignon variety. Wine with rich color, perfume is typically the base of the variety (Augustiatis 80%), soft tannins and moderate acidity.

Verdea – White Dry NBT Zakynthos

Produced by the varieties Skiadopoulo, Pavlos, Goustoulidi & others. Fresh wine with fruity flavors, high acidity and light green highlights.

Dry Rose PGI Zakynthos Avgoustiatis – Koutsoubeli

Produced by vinification of Avgoustiatis and Koutsoubeli varieties with bright pink color, floral aromas and citrus, moderate acidity.

Avgoustiatis Liastos – Red medium sweet PGI Zakynthos

Produced exclusively from Avgoustiatis after sun-dried. Light red color, dried fruits and spices, relatively high acidity.

Goustoulidi – White Dry PGI Zakynthos

Produced exclusively from the variety Goustoulidi (Goustolidi). Wine with light yellow color, aromas of citrus and melon, high acidity.

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