Our Estate

Our estate has a total area of 17 hectars of vineyards located in the lowlands of Zakynthos in the village of Agria, Macherado. The local varieties of grape include Skiadopoulo, Goustoulidi, Pavlos, Robola, Katsakoulias, Koutsoubeli and the excellent Native Avgoustiatis. The growing of grapes was supplemented by the cultivation of black currants, which for many years was the main source of income for Zakynthos. When visiting the estate you can also see the large olive groves with over 1,000 trees which are cultivated to make olive oil. The overall picture of the property complements the private chapel of St. George, where inside you can admire works of local (Heptanesian) agiography,  handcrafted by locals Zakynthians agiographers.

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